Sorcery Act 1971

It’s hard not to sound a bit culturally insensitive from time to time, and to be fair the legislation isn’t exactly new (indeed I think I read in the news that some politician or other has made public calls for the Act to be reviewed… although that could mean anything!).

So I won’t make any extensive commentary on this. I’ll just leave it for you all to judge.

Have yet to determine if the legislation encompasses other nefarious mystical acts such as playing a wizard character in a game of Dungeons and Dragons, mucking about with the the Dark Side, or asking divine favours of Haile Selassie the First. Hmmmmm.

1 Response to “Sorcery Act 1971”

  1. 1 Steve Bennett March 31, 2010 at 8:13 am

    The preamble is a cracker! “There is a widespread belief throughout the country that there is such a thing as sorcery”.

    I daresay there is scope in that comment to add “but then again, maybe there isn’t”…

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