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Up the garden path.

The internet habits of “googling” and hypertext clicking (link-hopping?) are probably changing many of the ways which we look for information, read text, digest data and words, and so on. This isn’t really the time and place to dwell on these matters which frankly others are doing better than me anyway. But, thanks to WordPress, I get a little list of search terms that led people to this site. Not sure if they found what they were after, or whether they were happy to have themselves led up the garden path in a virtual sense. Virtual seekers, seek on, and good luck to you.

Here are some of the terms that seem to have brought people to this humble blog. Some I offer just for expanatory purposes, so that if the same search leads someone here then they may get the answer. Some are included because they’re just odd. Here we go:

Tok pisin olgeta: “olgeta” means “everything”. Hence the name of this blog – “olgeta longlong”, i.e. “everything’s crazy” or “everything’s insane”.

How did Mt. Tavurvur get its name?: I dunno, but I daresay it’s a Tolai name. Sounds impressive though doesn’t it? Say TAR-VUR-VUR in a sonorous voice, like James Earl Jones would after he’s swallowed a nice cup of gravel. I think if you pronounce it like that, it means “goddamn awesome” or “do not fuck with my shit”.

Big supermarket in PNG: As I’ve written before on this blog, the most popular expat supermarket in Moresby is the aptly named Foodworld. An entire WORLD of FOOD. Makes the mind spin. There’s also a place by the harbour still often referred to as Anderson’s, although it was sold to the SVS Group a while before we got to Moresby. The supermarket formerly known as Anderson’s now smells putrid, and old timers are sometimes heard moaning things like “bloody Malaysians turned the place into a bloody trade store”. There is also a whopping new supermarket called Vision City, which houses one of Moresby’s three RH Hypermarts. Vision City will also make your mind spin, due to the fresh aroma of cheap imported plastic toys.

Meri Buka porn: As far as I know this blog does not feature pornography featuring women from Bougainville. All the best with that though… hmmm.

Forget in tok pisin: Sori, mi lus tingting!!!! Ridim dictonary pastaim.


PNG news clippings link.

This website made me laugh and I hope it continues to be updated. Ominously it was last updated on December 7th 2010, but stranger resurrections in the blogosphere have happened before – witness this very blog’s revival. Enjoy.


Well the internet at the ultimate think-tank institute (a tautologous phrase, methinks?) has been about as useful as tits on a bull lately so the anecdotes have been stymied somewhat. More news is imminent however – assuming the internet doesn’t break tomorrow.

Meanwhile, a village in Texas is about to welcome its’ most famous and reviled idiot back. What a relief.

Technical realities.

A post like this was bound to come sooner or later, and seeing as I have only a few minutes left I’ll get it out of my system and keep it brief.

The world of hyperglobaltelecommunicationnets is a pretty non existent one here. I use internet cafes, it’s slow, and for some reason this particular one I’m in now smells funny. I tried explaining email to Pokaro the other day, the analogy I tried was ‘klostu leta tasol long komputa’ – like a letter but on a computer. The utter conceptual gulf between us at that moment devastated a small part of me for some reason. But I had a strange day so whatever, and I guess the boring middle-class guilt may be setting in.

Anyway, that was the whinge – internet cafes. Bo-ring.